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After residing in Los Angeles for 18 years, he has been a Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music since 1993.

Scheuerell has mentored hundreds of drummers—many of whom have achieved worldwide recognition, including:

Antonio Sanchez (“Birdman”, Pat Metheny)

John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake)

Cliff Almond (Michel Camilo)

Nate Morton (The Voice)

Jim Oblon (Paul Simon)

JP Bouvet (Guitar Center Drum-Off Winner)

Eric Singer (KISS, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper)

Nikki Glaspie (Nth Power, Beyoncé)


Alumnus, Berklee College of Music 1974


Scheuerell has studied under some of the world's greatest teachers, including:​


Alan Dawson


Gary Chaffee


Alla Raka


Louis Conte


During his time at Berklee, the school has requested that Casey travel as a representative when working with the Berklee International Network and various Initiatives including Berklee on the Road, Auditions and Interviews. This role has provided him an opportunity to travel to:

  • Athens, Greece

  • The Canary Islands

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai - India

  • Guang Zhao, China

  • Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • Bogota, Colombia

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Paris, France

  • Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Singapore

  • Across the US

From 1993 through 2017, Casey Scheuerell has served several semesters on the Percussion Department Education Committee producing several Percussion Department concerts, including the Ed Kaspik Tribute Concert, artist clinics, student advising, evaluation of incoming student audition recordings, assisting in the registration process, and serving as an informal department consultant. In addition, Casey and Larry Finn built a Department Chart Library. Casey Scheuerell has also served on The Peer Advising Initiative and First Year Initiative Committee. In terms of on-campus activities, Casey also participates in the Percussion Festival, Percussion Week, Five Week, Twelve Week Summer Semester, and Guitar Sessions.

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