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Casey has been an active clinician for Vic Firth Inc., Avedis Zildjian Company, Pearl Drum Company ,and Remo Inc for over since the 70's. As a clinician, Mr. Scheuerell has presented in Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, China, Canada, India, and The United States. He has been a featured clinician in 3 National Percussive Arts Society (PAS) conventions, The Modern Drummer Festival, Koblenz (the largest international festival in the world), NAMM and MESSA, Buddy Rich Tribute concerts, music camps, retail stores, colleges, universities and music trade schools. He began teaching at Berklee in the fall of 1993 and became a full-time Associate Professor in 1997, and a full Professor in 2009. He remains an active clinician when scheduling permits.

From 1989 through 1993, Casey Scheuerell was the Head of the Pearl Education Board. This was a salaried position involving the following duties: development of an effective clinic program including the signing of a world class clinician roster, co-management of the educational budget, development of educational support materials and arranging Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) using world class athletes that support the value of drumming and the study of music. Salary negotiation for drum set artists.

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